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Testing Automation

DevOps Test Automation

Cprime’s DevOps Test Automation practice builds companies a process of automating the formalized manual testing efforts that are repetitive and time consuming, allowing your team to discover issues right when code is initially being built. A DevOps Test Automation strategy is critical to your team’s ability to validate the quality and functionality of their software. Manual DevOps software code testing fails to keep up with Continuously Integrated (CI) and Delivered (CD) code that sits across a dynamically changing infrastructure in a DevOps practice.

Key Benefits

  • Move more quickly by automating DevOps software testing that normally required manual execution and analysis
  • Avoid delays in problem discovery brought on by separate build and test processes when the testing becomes an automatically executed part of your builds
  • Ensure better test coverage of your code with DevOps automated test case execution that prevents critical tests from being left behind

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