Introducing Our New Brand

Cprime was founded over 15 years ago. Companies were acquired and services were expanded to support the ever-changing landscape of Agile and DevOps.

We realized that while we were busy exploring and expanding from hyper growth with our services and our company mission, our brand no longer fully represented or encapsulated our organization. We’ve evolved – growing to be a global consulting firm helping transforming businesses get in sync.

Today, we’re excited to share the next phase in the evolution of our brand.

Firstly Listening

As a first step, we sought, asked and listened. We listened to clients, partners and practitioners to learn about their experience with us and how we are perceived. We then turned inward to talk to employees and colleagues. Every group had a voice in our pursuit for comprehensive due diligence. From these conversations, it was clear that Cprime’s personality rang true. We are a company of unique people and our people seek to foster and thrive in an environment to always seek better, put clients first and build together.

Bringing It Together

We are happy to announce that our mission, values and vision will reflect the company we are today and hope to be tomorrow.

Cprime offers more than services; we believe in delivering our clients solutions that solve their real world problems. Our performer-first approach to consulting drives harmonious transformations across the enterprise, while our best-in-class managed services ensure businesses don’t miss a beat.

We’ve simplified our brand all around. While what we do is complex, that doesn’t mean that the way we communicate needs to be. A small, yet poignant, example of removing unnecessary complexity: the previously capitalized “P” in our name is now lowercase.

Simple & Modern

While our new logo may look unfamiliar, the people behind it and the steadfast partnership you’ve come to rely on is still embodied in the simple but straightforward new look. Unlike our previous logo, we wanted to strip the noise and evoke simplicity and modernity.

The updated logo puts focus on the most important aspect of our brand; we put the spotlight on “C” to represent the integral role of our Culture and Community of people. In addition to a refreshed logo, we’ve also introduced a more modern distinct set of colors to represent our personality. However, to be a unique disruptor in the consulting world and march to our own beat will always be near and dear to our hearts, but we know it’s time to shelve the blue and grey uniforms.

What’s Next?

We don’t have time to dream small. We believe in a more productive future, where businesses turn ideas into action faster.

Our mission to continue to help customers and partners navigate their agile journeys and deliver performance will have a clearer runway to achieving their business goals in pursuit of value and agility. We will continue to look toward solving the next big challenges facing our industry and be the trusted transformative partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies.


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We thank you for your continued support and partnership as you enjoy front row seats to our transformation.