Why is it Vital to Get Training For Your Atlassian Agile Tool?

Committing to the purchase, deployment, and maintenance of a full-scale Agile software tool like the Atlassian line of solutions is a serious undertaking. There’s tremendous value in utilizing these new tools, but there’s a need for caution too.

Sometimes, especially if you’re excited, it’s tempting throw caution to the wind and jump into a project with both feet. Putting together the bookcase without reading the instructions, buying the truck without reading the reviews… sound familiar?

We’ve heard the phenomenon called “the Yuppie in the hardware store.”

What does that mean?

Picture a wealthy young man who’s never even lifted a hammer walking out of a hardware store with hundreds of dollars worth of the best tools money can buy. He may look good strutting out of the store with the best tools available, but they won’t go far if he doesn’t know how to use them. Home improvement projects don’t magically happen just because shiny tools are in the house.

The Need for Professional Training

When it comes to Agile software, you’re talking about a powerful suite of applications that can eventually make every aspect of your Agile workflow faster, easier, and more transparent.

But that can only happen if everyone on the team fully understands how the system works and how to get the most out of it. Otherwise, you’re talking about a very large and potentially cumbersome tool that can get in the way more than it can help.

As Atlassian Platinum Experts, we’re proud to offer comprehensive Agile tool training programs to ensure your investment ends up as a blessing, not a curse.

We focus on aligning the tools with the people who will be using them, rather than trying to force things the other way around. Then, we ensure that everyone who will be interacting with the system will do so uniformly and consistently so there are no surprise roadblocks later on.

Training can be instructor-led or self-led via online courses. Courses are personalized to your organization’s workflow and internal processes, and focus on hands-on experience in real-world situations to maximize practical application.

Don’t Be a Yuppie, Be a Pro

If you’re going to invest in the best tools money can buy, you owe it to yourself to be like a professional builder who can walk out of the hardware store confident in his ability to wield that powerful tool with expert skill.

If you’re going to invest in Agile software, you owe it to yourself to do the same. Here’s how to make that happen: Atlassian Agile Tool Training.