Administering Service Management with Atlassian Cloud

How to configure Jira Service Management to empower your teams.


Jira Service Management is one (of three) Jira applications that is built into Jira. Jira Service management is created to bring IT, development, operations, and business teams closer together with a variety of features that emphasize collaboration at speed.

IT Service Management is related to ITSM and helps us to understand the key concepts of service management and how the ITSM guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management.

Jira Service Management helps to easily receive, track, manage, and resolve requests from your team’s customers. Customers can send requests via email; help center and embeddable widget. It helps in categorizing service requests, incidents, problems, and changes by organizing and prioritizing these requests in a single place, and keeps your team on track with goals (or service level agreements).

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Administering Service Management with Atlassian Cloud Schedule

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Full Course Details

Part 1: Atlassian ITSM, an overview

  • A tour of Atlassian’s Multiple-Tool approach to ITSM

Part 2: Customer Authentication and Access, Service Catalog Permissions

  • How customers are onboarded (intro)
  • How a customer interacts with your teams
  • Identity Protection and Customer Permissions

Part 3: The four types of work Incident, Service Request, Problem Management, Change Management

  • How ITSM organizes and measures work
  • Service Requests, and Approvals
  • Incidents reported and alerts from monitored services
  • Orchestrated incident response
  • Change Management, and approval rules for groups
  • Problem Management

Part 4: Incident Management

  • Incident Management process
  • How to mark incidents as major incidents in Jira Service Management
  • How to create and send updates to a Slack channel directly from an incident
  • How to send incident updates to internal stakeholders
  • Learn how to access and create post-incident reviews (PIRs)
  • How to link multiple incidents into a problem report

Part 5: Change Management:

  • The change management process
  • Using the default change management workflow
  • Set up enforced approvals
  • Auto-approve standard changes
  • Schedule changes with the change calendar

Part 6: Preparing teams for building and maintaining their service catalog requests

  • What a JSM Project Administration can and should do themselves (with your support): Create and maintain all their own teams’ requests, Invite customers, Configure Queues, Modifying automated responses, Configuring Service Level Agreements, Place agents into “Roles”
  • How JSM Requests are associated with Jira Issues Types
  • JSM Jira Workflow configurations
  • Use of Forms for “in process” information gathering
  • Helping teams with SLA creation
  • Email Requests

Part 7: How to help teams organize their Knowledge Base

  • Creating KB Articles by answering customer questions
  • Converting word documents to KB Articles
  • Protecting internal KB Articles

Part 8: OpsGenie: Proactively Monitoring and resolving Incidents

  • Connecting OpsGenie to your monitoring
  • Events, Alerts and Incidents
  • “On Call Team” availability
  • How the Services asset data connects OpsGenie to JSM

Part 9: Status Page: Transparently reporting on service status to engage customers

  • Status Page configurations (internal vs. External)
  • How customer manage Status Page notifications
  • Setting rules for Status Page incidents

Part 10: Assets (JSM Cloud Premium):

  • Overview on IT asset management, Service configuration management and where to start
  • Access Insight in Jira Service Management
  • Create an object schema
  • Create an object type
  • Create an object
  • Set up your Insight objects custom field
  • Import objects into Jira Service Management
  • Insight discovery

Part 11: How JSM and Jira Software work together

  • Add Jira Service Management to your Atlassian cloud site
  • Understanding user types and roles
  • Optimize your Custom fields
  • How to link an issue
  • Automation for linked services

Part 12: Chat Integrations Guidance

  • Chat integrations (included)
  • Chat operations supported by JSM
  • Which chat integration features to focus on

Part 13: Helping teams create their own automations (and ensuring they do so safely)

  • Controls to prevent Automations created by users from “going rogue”
  • How automation is metered
  • Using a Role account
  • Advanced Automations Calling one automation from another
  • Creating a “Rest End Point” of your own with Automation for Jira

Part 14: Configuring JSM for non IT teams to activate Enterprise Service Management

  • Enabling JSM without the IT centric elements
  • Categorizing issue types to activate service management reporting across the entire enterprise
  • Advice for Onboarding non-IT Teams

Part 15: Resources for Continued Learning

Professionals who would benefit from this training include:

  • Atlassian Administrators that will be assisting teams that will be using ITSM.
  • Atlassian Tool Governance team members that need to understand the tool's capabilities.
  • Support Team “power users” Interested in understanding all the administrative parts of the solution (rather than just their own Project Administration capabilities)

Students will learn how team Jira Administration enables Service Management team leaders in Atlassian tools:

  • How ITSM works, a process overview
  • How to leverage core Jira Skills in Jira Service Management projects
  • How JSM fits into a complete ITSM solution in the Atlassian Ecosystem
  • How to approach integrations and provide customers multiple “ways to ask for help” in an Atlassian ITSM solution.

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