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ChatGPT and Generative AI for Marketing Professionals

Leverage the power of AI to save time, money, and empower your team. Learn the core skills behind prompt engineering and accelerate your team’s ability to create SEO content, market effectively, and reveal hidden insights.


This two-day course is designed for marketing professionals who are responsible for researching, developing, and spearheading initiatives within their organization. Participants will learn about the core elements of prompt engineering and using generative AI, focusing on ChatGPT but touching on specialties found in Bard. The course will uncover the key features of ChatGPT functionality for implementing SEO and Marketing in the workplace.

Key benefits of taking this fast-paced class:

Combining prompt engineering skills with generative AI, teams will be able to boost performance, achieving more results faster. Participants will look forward to achieving these outcomes:

  1. Boosting employee performance: Using ChatGPT and Generative AI can help employees create content faster, enhancing job performance. This increased productivity leads to better quality work and decreased research time.
  2. Improved efficiency: Having the equivalent of an AI Assistant improves speed. Building and curating lists of solutions allows the best choices to be enhanced and expanded. Why settle for one solution when you could start with 20, 50, or 100?
  3. Build your future-ready business: AI is the future. Take advantage today and edge out your competitors. Stand out from the competition by offering AI-Assisted services and hit the ground running with hands-on, actionable items you can use immediately.
  4. Improve your SEO: Leverage AI to understand your site, your competition, and your niche. Learn how to build your own set of SEO tools directly with ChatGPT.
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2 days/16 hours of instruction
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Full Course Details

Part 1: Introduction to Generative AI

  • What is AI and ChatGPT?
    • Predictive modeling with examples.
  • How the conversation is formed in AI, LLM & NLP
    • word, connections, like alligator, and crocodile or alligator and cat
  • What are tokens and how do they work?
  • What are different AI and what are they good for?
    • GPT, Bard, others
  • Hands-on exercise: Using ChatGPT for beginners

Part 2: Prompt Engineering Basics

  • Output basics (table, ascii, markdown, code)
    • Refining answers
    • One word answers
    • Explaining solutions
    • Forget…
    • Step-by-step solutions
  • Storing information
  • Hands-on exercise: Storing items and finding solutions
  • Basic Prompt Structure
    • Action
    • Content
    • Role of AI
    • Writing style options
    • Recipient options
    • Example solutions
    • Word lengths and concerns
    • Asking questions before you begin
  • Hands-on exercise: Using prompt engineering to create advanced prompts
  • Prompt injection
    • What it is
    • Working example
  • Hands-on exercise: Using prompt injection example 
    • Dangers in the workplace with Bing Chat

Part 3: Outlines and Lists for Efficiency

  • Outlines and proposals
  • Summarizing documents, articles, and papers
  • Creating lists for efficiency
    • Keywords and NLP options
    • Long-tail keywords
    • Customers searching for terms in different ways
  • Hands-on exercise: Using ChatGPT for content lists
  • Leveraging Bard for Adwords and Pagerank information from Google

Part 4: Generative AI for SEO

  • Blogging
    • Potential blog topics in lists
    • Potential blog topics based on sitemap or headlines
    • Creating topical authority posts
    • Creating lists of potential backlinks
  • Hands-on exercise: Topic discovery for your business 
  • Creating bookmarklets to help you
  • Hands-on exercise: Creating SEO tools
  • FAQs and objections for landing page content
  • Hands-on exercise: Creating FAQs
  • Google Chrome extensions and GPT plugins
    • Docs & Sheets
    • AIPRM
    • Conversation History Search
    • ChatGPTFile Upload
  • Use Case: Docs and Sheets integration

Part 5: Writing & Creation

  • Writing letters
    • Business letters, whitepapers, SOWs, product descriptions
    • Storing and writing cover letters
    • Generating youtube or tiktok scripts
    • Sorting and analyzing data
  • Hands-on exercise: Sorting and analyzing data: Email 1: Categories
  • Hands-on exercise: Sorting and analyzing data: Data Analysis
  • A/B Testing
    • Writing A/B testing materials
    • Multiple options and asking for explanations

Part 6: Workplace Examples

  • Workplace uses
    • Interview Questions
    • Storing email: Write like me
  • Hands-on exercise: Storing and Writing: Email 2: Write like you do
  • Personas
    • Creating personas on the fly
    • Creating personas from CRM data
    • Top 10 geos for the personas for regionality (regional standpoints)
  • Use Case: Leveraging AI to upsell to customers

Part 7: Expanding Options

  • Translating pages into other languages
  • Locations for events (services, locations, fun, itineraries)
  • Autoblogging services
  • Making Plugins or working with code

Part 8: Workshop Section

  • Move beyond the black box with a series of hands-on workshops. Facilitators will pose one or more problems that participants can choose from and work through as a team
    • Search intent. What is the search intent of this keyword for SEO?
    • Asking why AI has done things. Learn why AI has done things in a particular way and what they are based on.
    • Copywriting. Inform your own copywriting approach.
    • Customer Journey. What can a person do from this page, and why would they want to do it?
    • Suggestions Based on Data. I’m currently driving paid search traffic to this landing page [LP URL]. How would you suggest improving it so that we get a better conversion rate?
    • Rewriting for Success. Rewrite a headline for [Your URL] that explains [unique value proposition] and includes the phrase [keyword phrase]
    • Targeting Suggestions. If I were going to run ads for [item] on the Google Display Network, what types of sites and channels should I target?
    • Competitor Details. Create a list of competitors for [my company] and their estimated monthly paid search spend.
    • Competitor or Reseller Lists. Please create a list of competitors to [my website]. List the name of the company, the location of their headquarters, the size of the company (small, medium or large) and whether they are a direct or indirect competitor. Please compile the results in a table format.
    • Data-based Insights. My conversions from paid traffic are down 20% month over month. What metrics and dimensions should I look at to find the cause?”
    • Summaries and Answers. You are documenting a channel experiment where you tested the hypothesis that by [testing X] will achieve [desired outcome]. These were the results [Insert test results]. Write me an Experiment Summary answering the question, ‘What are the big takeaways from this experiment?
    • Breaking it to People Gently. I’m going to tell my client that paid search performance is down month over month because of seasonality. How might they respond that would challenge my conclusion?

Overall, this course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of using generative AI for SEO, Marketing, and Sales.


Professionals who would benefit from this training include:

  • SEO Specialists/Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Content Writers/Copywriters
  • AI Engineers/Developers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Technical Writers
  • Product Managers

  • Introduction to Generative AI and understanding different AI models like GPT and Bard.
  • Understand the basics of prompt engineering, refining answers, and utilizing prompt injection techniques.
  • Learn how to leverage outlines, lists, and keywords for efficient content creation and SEO.
  • Apply generative AI for SEO, including generating blog topics, authoritative posts, and backlink lists.
  • Utilize generative AI for writing various content types and conducting A/B testing.
  • Workplace examples and expanding options, including persona creation, translation services, and interactive workshops for problem-solving.

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