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Use coupon code LEARN21 at checkout for 21% off any course. Valid through 9/30/21.
*Offer excludes Scaled Agile (SAFe®) courses, CSP-SM and private team training.

DevOps : Logging & Data Management Courses

Splunk Boot Camp

2 days

Splunk is one of the first platforms to help make sense of log data. Splunk is not just a tool for IT Ops. It’s a tool for developers. In fact, it’s a tool for everyone…

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Dynatrace Boot Camp

2 days

Dynatrace is a premier monitoring solution for both simple and complex technology and computing environments. There are many use cases for Dynatrace; you can use it to monitor real users of your web applications, analyze…

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SonarQube Boot Camp

2 days

Your business and career depend on your ability to produce secure, reliable, and error-free code quickly. But code is never perfect, even if it’s been thoroughly reviewed, backed by a complete suite of tests, or…

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Elastic Stack Boot Camp

3 days

In today’s world, we have so much data that it’s hard to find what we want. We need a tool that can help us find the needle in that Big Data haystack. The Elastic Stack,…

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