Caught between Agile and some hardware?

It’s been validated over the years, Agile has revolutionized the software industry and has become synonymous with software development. Well, in the last couple of years, we have completely challenged the notion that it is only limited to software development by pioneering the “Agile for Hardware” movement.

We believe and have developed an Agile framework proving that Agile is not limited to the world of software development. It can be applied in other contexts, such as IT Operations and Production support – and, will still provide the benefits that Agile for software is known for. Yes, Agile Hardware implementations can be put in place by using the same methodology for Agile Software Development transformations.

We have put our framework to the test and completed several successful hardware transformations at clients such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Picarro, and Plantronics. These companies have seen on-going success and stakeholder buy-in among Agile initiatives for hardware projects. You can too (despite what other Agile Software Development experts might have told you).

To highlight this gap in the industry and our unique expertise, we have put together a website devoted to further exploring and sharing information about Agile and Scrum for Hardware Product Development. To further carve out this emerging arena of Agile, we shared white papers, articles, and webinars that were built and delivered by Cprime’s Chief Scientist, and Agile for Hardware Godfather, Kevin Thompson, PH.D. Check out our new site at

Agile Hardware Product Development

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Cassidy Knight
Cassidy Knight
Agile Coach, Cprime