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Cprime and Apptio Targetprocess

Harness the power of our strong partnership to ensure alignment of your portfolio with your overall strategy and maximize the value your investments deliver 

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87% of digital leaders agree that their organization’s ability to compete in the market is greatly dependent on the flexibility of their technology architecture.

State of Agile Market 2022

Your powerful Strategic Portfolio Management Solution

Product Mindset, Agile Practices, and World-class technology and tools do not live independently.

They can work together in a blended way to ensure we build products that clients need, we organize ourselves around those products and utilize iterative, incremental agile practices and use modern technologies and tools to build in quality, automate, and improve time to market.

Bringing together Cprime’s expertise in Agile transformation and Apptio Targetprocess’s Enterprise Agile Planning and Management platform, we can help you optimize your organization’s investment in initiatives, achieve your strategic objectives, and stay ahead of the competition.

Gartner MQ Leader

Apptio Targetprocess, a recognized leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ), connects every level of the enterprise to business strategy.  

Built with a focus on Enterprise Agile Planning and Management, the tool utilizes the market’s most flexible data model to connect portfolios, products, and Agile teams to business strategy, ensuring alignment throughout the organization towards shared outcomes.

Partner with Cprime and Apptio Targetprocess

Accelerate your transformation while maintaining needed flexibility

Expert guidance on optimization

Cprime can help your organization determine the best approach for implementing and utilizing Targetprocess in your organization with minimal disruption and impact to your teams.

Fully customizable

Many tools are too rigid, forcing you to convert your process to match. Targetprocess provides versatility to match to your process–not the other way around. 

Quick implementation

Launch in weeks-not months-, leveraging the methodology and framework of your choice

Integration with over 70 tools

Targetprocess includes out-of-the-box support for the most popular team-level Agile tools, IDEs, source control, test and automation, and monitoring and analytics platforms through native, API, and custom integrations

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Cprime’s Agile Transformation Expertise

Apptio Targetprocess Quickstart

Cprime will work with your organization to implement Apptio Targetprocess for program management to help streamline your processes and gain better visibility.

Apptio Targetprocess Strategic Implementation

By implementing both program management and strategic planning in Apptio Targetprocess, Cprime will help you align your business strategy, optimize resource allocation and drive better data-driven decision making.

Apptio Targetprocess Custom Package

Conducting a thorough discovery process to gain a deep understanding of your organization and transformation goals, Cprime’s experts will tailor a custom Apptio Targetprocess implementation that allows you to connect your high level strategy to the work within the portfolio 


Create success at every level of the business

With combined decades of experience, our team of seasoned professionals have helped thousands of organizations through Agile transformations, working at all levels of the enterprise to help clients create a roadmap for success. Using Apptio Targetprocess to provide visibility and empower data-driven decisions, our team will create a unique adoption plan through coaching, consulting, and ongoing support to provide faster time to market, improved visibility and quality and organizational alignment to exceed against your business goals.

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