Modern multi-cloud monitoring

A unified view of your entire stack

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Datadog is a multi-cloud monitoring service for cloud-scale workloads, bringing together data from servers, databases, tools and services to present a unified view of your entire stack

Unified observability

The monitoring metrics that enable your organization to be proactive all in one Integrated platform, used by everyone.

Data-driven, actionable alerts

Reduce alert fatigue with machine learning to get the right alerts to the right people at the right time

Simple but not simplistic

Unified SaaS monitoring platform that is easy to use on a self-service basis

Data Consulting Solutions

Find more data and analytics consulting services

Datadog Implementation

Experts provide advisory and implementation services, consulting, customization, and support.

Datadog Integration

We provide best practices and integrations to monitor third party systems or software that are critical to business execution.

Managed Services

Technical expert support when you need it most: Managed Hosting + Managed Support

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Top 3 Features of Datadog

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