Atlassian Managed Cloud Hosting

The low stress option for cloud based hosting

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Adaptability for all situations

Utilize assorted cloud services to quickly meet the needs of your business in matters of growth, planned or unplanned.

Cloud based application hosting

Quickly host and scale any Atlassian applications as well as several others with a team of experts who are certified to support your needs.

Real time monitoring

Tap into alerts and proactive discussions concerning best practices to achieve stability and scalability for your hosted applications. Focus on driving the needs of your business rather than supporting your infrastructure

No more hardware management practices

Host in an environment able to scale based on your unique growth and needs rather than continuing to apply dated hardware management practices that create overhead for your technical professionals.

The Low Stress Move to Cloud

Your team will be able to tap into instant scalability, with a quick setup and painless administration.

The road to cloud hosting

Implementation, On-boarding, Hosting kickoff meeting, Quarterly Business Reviews/Touch points, and 90 Day Renewal Plan

Applications of expertise

AWS/Azure Cloud Solutions, Public/Private/Hybrid Infrastructures, Performance Optimization, System Monitoring, and Break-Fix Services

A unified approach

Migration services are also offered allowing those with pre-existing infrastructure to easily utilize the cloud hosting platform as well as the associated services

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Watlow Migration: Atlassian Cloud to AWS Hosting

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