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DevOps CI/CD Pipeline | DevOps Course Builder

Building, testing, and deploying code doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. This course will teach your team how to create and use an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline that validates, automates, and stores code changes for faster, more secure delivery. In this course, your team will learn the software and processes for building, testing, and deploying code. Upon completion of this course, your team will know how to operate and maintain a DevOps CI/CD pipeline that ensures only high-quality and approved code gets deployed into production, backs up all code in source control management, and automates code changes.

Course Duration 

Standard Duration is 3 to 5 days, depending on the options chosen.  The exact duration will be shown after you create an outline.

Course Agenda 

  • Git source and version control management. This course will teach you and your team the fundamentals of using git so you can effectively share, collaborate, backup, and version any code.
  • Configuration management. We’ll teach you how to configure and spin up servers (web, database, load balancer, or any application servers), using a configuration management tool and code stored in git.
  • Testing and continuous integration /  continuous deployment. Learn to integrate git and configuration management with a CI/CD tool to build, test, and deploy code into test, staging, and production environments, creating an automated end-to-end DevOps pipeline.

Choose the exact toolchain you want and generate a course outline, or choose the ‘generic’ options for a tool-agnostic outline:

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