Jira Service Management for Support Team Leaders

Team Leader training for managing your own Service Management team in JSM


Jira Service Management provides plenty of controls and capabilities to project administrators to modify most customer-facing configuration elements themselves (often without needing to contact a Jira administrator). This class provides new Jira Service Management project administrators with a complete introduction to these different parts of JSM Project Administration.

Jira Service Management helps you easily receive, track, manage, and resolve customer requests from your team. Customers can send requests via email; help center and embeddable widget. It helps in categorizing service requests, incidents, problems, and changes by organizing and prioritizing these requests in a single place and keeps your team on track with goals (or service level agreements).  

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Full Course Details

Part 1: The Customer Journey

  • How customers use JSM
  • How agents interact with customers
  • How all Jira users can become involved in resolving a request
  • How JSM handles Feedback from our customer

Part 2: The Service Request / Response motion

  • A single request: creation to completion.
  • Getting more detail from the client
  • Escalating to another team
  • Available User Experience enhancements

Part 3: Managing your Service Catalog

  • Working with your Jira Administrator to get started
  • Creating your first Request
  • Choosing between a simple or complex Request form
  • Routing your request to the correct queue
  • How JSM handles Email Requests, and “Tap on the Shoulder” Requests

Part 4: Form Design in Jira Service Management

  • Why form design matters
  • Creating a simple request form
  • Creating a complex request form
  • Advanced features of Forms: Hidden fields, dynamic form elements,

Part 5: Creating and Maintaining a Knowledge Base

  • Creating knowledge base articles by helping customers
  • Converting Word documents to JSM KB Articles
  • Protecting “internal” KB articles
  • How KB articles are surfaced to your customers

Part 6: Onboarding your team members

  • Inviting JSM Agents to your project
  • Inviting Jira users as SME collaborators to your project
  • Using Jira project roles to grant permissions
  • Introducing JSM to new agents
  • Navigating Jira Service Management
  • Working on customer requests 

Part 7: Inviting Customers to your service catalog

  • How customers authenticate and access your service catalog
  • Customer account creation overview
  • How to invite customers to your service catalog

Part 8: Tracking customer satisfaction and setting expectations

  • Built in Customer Satisfaction
  • Creating and managing Service Level Agreements

Part 9: Transparency and Self Service

  • Allowing customers to escalate or cancel a service request
  • Using Announcements
  • Socializing StatusPage for customers

Part 10: Automation

  • An introduction to Jira’s “No Code” automation capabilities
  • A simple assignment automation example
  • Learning more about what you can do with Automations
  • Automations that require Jira Admin assistance

Part 11: Escalation and Hand Offs

  • Using short term solutions to inform long term improvements
  • What to do if your customer’s request will take a long time to fulfill
  • How JSM and Jira Software handle escalations between service conversations and product development backlog items
  • Handing off requests between “Follow the Sun” teams 

Part 12: Managing Approvals

  • How your Jira Admin configures your requests for Approvals
  • Determine who will approve or deny a request
  • How to conduct group approvals without a meeting

Part 13: Adapting your approach as your team matures

  • Starting with manual process and then add automations
  • Using dashboards and reports to track trends
  • Further customizations available through Atlassian Marketplace apps

Professionals who would benefit from this training include:

  • Team leaders from each service management team
  • “Power user” team members that assist team leaders.

Students will learn how team leaders configure and use Service Management workflows in Atlassian tools:

  • How to manage their Jira Service Management Project
  • How JSM provides powerful Project Administration features to enables support teams to improve and tune how “their part” of the Service Catalog works (with support from Jira Administrators)
  • How to improve the customer experience through effective use of JSM’s many tools, especially:
    • Form Design
    • Service Catalog Design
    • Clean escalations and Approvals
    • Automation and Reporting

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