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Data & Analytics Courses

Cprime's comprehensive data training teaches you to make better decisions, find critical insights and use today’s data tools to maximize the value of available information. Our data curriculum has a wide array of courses to fit the business needs of your organization and the skill growth needs of your people. Our courses help you make sense of data analytics and data engineering, and derive actionable recommendations.

AI & Machine Learning

Organizations have vast reserves of value hidden within their huge and sophisticated data sets. It can be a challenge to find that value – but if we can tease out the insights and answers lurking within our information. The courses below are designed to quickly advance your data analysis skills into the realm of real-world artificial intelligence and machine learning. With these new skills, you will be able to translate your data into a host of opportunities and advantages.

Big Data

Extracting impactful insights from big data is often easier said than done. As the pool of data grows at an extraordinary rate, you and your teams will need the skills to see insights through the chaos. Master the latest big data technologies such as Azure, HDInsight, Apache Hadoop, and more in our big data training courses.

Data Engineering

It is critical your teams have the technical skills and strategic enablement to organize, analyze, and interpret your many sources of big data and information. The workshops below provide your team the skills they need to discover insights required for analyzing critical factors such as risk, performance, quality, forecasting, estimating, simulation, business process improvement, and much more.