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Getting Started with Git and Stash – Official

Getting Started with Git and Stash – Atlassian Official

Are you new to Git – the hottest and most powerful version control system on the planet? Then this course is for you. This beginner level course teaches you about Git through instructor topical presentations, a series of hands on labs leveraging Git and Stash along with the powerful (and free) SourceTree Git client app from Atlassian. Clear, task-oriented modules teach you enough to be dangerous with Git. Click here to expand. Attendees will be learn how to use various Git commands to commit files, create branches, merge branches, push changes to a remote repository, pull changes from others, inspect a repository, and more. They will use both simple individual Git workflows and simple teamwork flows.


Those new to Git and Stash. No prior knowledge of our products is necessary.

High Level Topics

  • What is Git?
  • What is Stash?
  • Distributed vs. centralized version control systems
  • Basic Git commands
  • Simple common Git workflows
  • Using Git and Stash together
  • Use cases for a Git centralized workflow
  • Sharing project files with an enterprise team using Stash