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JIRA Advanced Training

JIRA Advanced Training

This Atlassian JIRA Advanced Training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project and process requirements. At the end of the course, users will understand how JIRA can be tailored to meet their specific project and process needs.

Course Length

This course lasts a full day (up to 8 hours) and comprises of 6 Modules each with a lab exercise.

Lab Exercises

The lab environment (an instance of JIRA) gives users a practical working area to engage with. This enables them to benefit from seeing JIRA in action with real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge.


Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces Atlassian JIRA Basics

Course Outline

Module 1: JIRA Concepts Overview

• Introduction • Summary of Users and Groups • Projects • Project Roles • Schemes ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Concept Overview, Create a JIRA Project and project category, Exploring the Issue type scheme

Module 2: Users & Groups

• Users and the User browser • Privacy • Groups and the Group Browser • Global permissions ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Users and Groups, Public signup and groups, Add new users and create/assign groups, Changing Permissions

Module 3: Fields

• Priorities and Resolutions • Custom Fields • New options in custom fields • Field Configuration Schemes • Field Configurations • Re-Indexing & Index Recovery ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Fields, Create two Custom Fields Create a Field Configuration Scheme

Module 4: Screens

• Understanding Screen Schemes • Screen Schemes • Creating Screens • Modifying Screens ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Screens, Investigate Interaction of Default Screen and Default Field Configurations, Investigate Interaction of Default Screen & Newly, Created Field Configuration, Create a Screen for the Create Issue Operation and put it into a Screen Scheme Create and Edit Issues in A Customized Project

Module 5: Issue Type, Notification & Security Schemes

• Issue Type Schemes • Notification schemes • Permission Schemes • Issue Security Schemes ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Issue Type, Notification, Permissions & Security Schemes, Create a Notification schemes Create a Project Role and a Permission Scheme

Module 6: Workflows

• The visual workflow designer • Planning workflows • The Status Attribute • Transitions • Events • Creating a workflow • Creating a workflow schemes • Workflow sharing • Audit Logs ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Workflows, Add the ‘Tested’ state into a workflow, Map the fields to the workflow, Decide where new screen are required
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