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JIRA Agile in Practice – Official

JIRA Agile in Practice Training- Atlassian Official

In this course, attendees will learn how to harness JIRA Agile to help create, plan, and manage work from inception to completion. Attendees will learn how to use JIRA Agile to manage scrum projects as an admin or a scrum master/agile project manager. The JIRA Agile in practice course covers key concepts through lecture and hands-on exercises to challenge attendees and apply specific planning, tracking, and management functionality. Attendees will develop an ability to configure and use JIRA Agile to create, prioritize, and breakdown work and set up a framework to manage sprints and monitor progress. Additionally, the course will teach attendees how to monitor and track multiple projects across multiple teams throughout an organization.


Project managers/program managers, scrum masters, JIRA system administrators, technical managers, and anyone interested in learning more about JIRA Agile. Suggested prerequisites: JIRA Essentials course or equivalent.

High Level Topics

  • What is JIRA Agile?
  • JIRA Agile navigation
  • Agile project setup and JIRA Agile configuration basics
  • Manage stories/issues, search for data, and create filters
  • Populate, rank, and estimate a backlog
  • Plan, create, and monitor sprints
  • Create and use JIRA Agile boards to manage work
  • Customize the look-and-feel of your boards
  • Manage multiple teams and projects using boards