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JIRA Best Practices Training

JIRA Best Practices Training

This Atlassian JIRA Best Practices Training course, provides JIRA admins with an understanding of the core administration activities required to successfully maintain a live JIRA environment and its back-end system. During this course, users will learn Atlassian’s recommended best practices in a variety of topics including recent or upcoming changes. Click here to expand.

Course Length

This course lasts a half day (4 hours) and is for JIRA Administrators.


Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces Atlassian JIRA Basics Atlassian JIRA Advanced Requires users to have an active internet connection

Course Outline

Module 1: Workflows

• Workflow design • Workflow considerations • Workflow Sharing ________________________________________ Lab Exercise: Workflows, Simplifying and re-designing an existing workflow

Module 2: Scaling JIRA

• Security impacts • Custom Fields • Performance factors • Server Capacity • Archiving • Hints and Tips • JIRA Extensions • JIRA upgrades ________________________________________ Lab Exercise: Scaling JIRA, Utilizing JIRA for other purposes

Module 3: Searching and reporting

• Searching and Filters overview • Searching – Frequently asked questions • Reporting in JIRA • Default reports • Integrating to external tools • Add-ons • Custom reports • Reporting Tips ________________________________________ Lab Exercise: Searching and Reporting Generating reports in a meaningful format.

Module 4: Troubleshooting

• Troubleshooting JIRA • JIRA log files • Common causes • Crashes • Performance issues • Email Failures • Email Loops • Atlassian Resources ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Troubleshooting, Identifying the cause of a crash, resolving the problem.
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