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STASH Basics (GIT) Training

STASH Basics (GIT) Training

cPrime’s Stash training course provides an understanding of using Stash with Git and focuses on giving a comprehensive overview of concepts, workflows and more. This course is divided into a number of individual modules, many modules have an associated exercise or activity that will help to reinforce the learning experience. Click here to expand. At the end of the Stash Basics course, students will be able to use Atlassian Stash with Git effectively within a software development environment. They will have a complete overview of workflow strategies, concepts for using both Git and Stash and a strong understanding of branching and merging.


No existing knowledge of Git or Stash required. For classroom training, students must have their own laptops and must be able to provide the trainer with an internet connection

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

• Introduction to Git • Introduction to Stash • Terminology • Users and permission levels

Module 2: Git Concepts

• Git Concepts • Hash Values • Objects • References • Commits • Setting up your Git environment • Ignore Files

Module 3: Working with Git

• Working with git • Cloning a stash project • Git help • The Git Workflow • Add • Status • Commit • Diff • Remove • Move • Fixing errors • Reset • Revert • Checkout

Module 4: Repository Visualization and the Stash Interface

• The Stash Interface • Profile • Setting up a private key • Projects • Repositories

Module 5: Workflow Strategies

• Branching basics • Forking basics • Centralized Workflow • Feature Branch Workflow • Gitflow Workflow • Forking Workflow

Module 6: Branching and Merging

• Branching and Merging • Creating branches in Stash • Creating branches in Git • Collaboration • Push • Fetch • Pull • Forking • Pull requests • Switching branches • Fast Forward Merge • Three way Merge • Rebasing • Deleting Branches

Module 7: Tagging

• Lightweight tags • Annotated tags • Signed Tags • Create tags in Git • Create tags in Stash • Checkout tags in Git • How to view tags • How to checkout tags
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