Adore Your Agility – February 2013 Newsletter

Fall Back in Love with JIRA and GreenHopper

JIRA and GreenHopper are amazing tools, but there are many features that users don’t know about or aren’t utilizing efficiently. The most common pains our clients have are reporting and configuring workflows. JIRA actually has a company friendly workflow option to build multiple workflows within multiple projects as well as ways to report the right information to the right stakeholders. We want to help you love JIRA and GreenHopper again by configuring your workflows, creating succinct reports for stakeholders, training you and your colleagues, and optimizing your tool.

It’s time for you to fall back in love with JIRA and GreenHopper by taking advantage of our February tool offerings of:

A $100 credit* towards our Tools Optimization and Training services or a FREE 1 hour JIRA/GreenHopper Assessment to discuss challenges, answer questions and provide recommendations.


*An additional $100 credit can be redeemed for every $1,000 of Atlassian licenses bought through cPrime.

** We also accept PO’s for payment of licenses (so you don’t have to keep charging it up on your credit cards)**


NEW To our Agile Training:

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Course

While this course covers the details needed to fulfill or support the Product Owner role, we believe that understanding the role and its responsibilities isn’t enough. We offer a user-centric design approach to make successful products, in a truly collaborative way.

At the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Perform the Product Owner and Product Discovery Team daily work practices
  • Draw from a variety of sources to support your product discovery and design work
  • Gain empathy with your users to understand how best your product serves their needs
  • Practice effective collaboration that spotlights shared understanding and ownership of your products



Featured Event:

WEBINAR: Story telling for Product Owners and Business Analysts

This session is targeted to Agile team members challenged with crafting and managing good requirements.

Wednesday – Feb 27th – 11:00am PST