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AI for Agile Software Development

Cutting-edge GenAI solutions that drive unparalleled efficiency and success.

Boost Developer Productivity: The Future of AI Engineering

Agile SME AI is a  revolutionary Virtual Agile Coach, backed by 20+ years in experience leading organizations through Agile transformations, meticulously crafted to revolutionize the way teams  work while seamlesslyintegrating into leading Portfolio and Work Management tools such as Jira Software, Jira Align, and Apptio Target Process.

CodeBoost™ is a revolutionary solution that leverages a collection of AI technologies and boasts a comprehensive rollout that includes training, coaching, and support for efficient and effective adoption – all in under 10 weeks.

Comprehensive Agile Support

Using advanced AI algorithms to assist in drafting Agile artifacts like OKRs, Product Visions/Charters, Epics, Stories, and Tasks.

Modern tools with the right enablement

We pair a collection of modern AI technologies with expert training, consulting and ongoing support for measured improvement

Guaranteed results and rapid rollout

Achieve 100% quantifiable efficiency gains for development teams against measurable data and benchmarks in less than 10 weeks

Code at the click of a button

It just takes one click to:
Create code
Modify code
Debug code
Refactor code
Convert code language

Flexible hosting options for ironclad security

Flexible and hassle free architecture can be hosted on your infrastructure or ours, cloud or private

Unlock efficiency and quality in development

Cut project timelines in half with AI assistance while ensuring high-quality, maintainable code with fewer bugs and post-deployment issues

GenAI Discovery Workshop

GenAI experts will guide participants through a strategic understanding of AI and an examination of their business operations and goals to highlight specific AI business cases and their potential to enhance revenue and reduce costs. 

15 Impacts of Generative AI on Software Development—According to AI

There’s no arguing the fact that AI-powered code generation and related tools are revolutionizing how software gets created, tested, and deployed. And the effects we’re already seeing are just the tip of the iceberg. This article shares the good, the bad and the ugly of GenAI in Software Development.

Cprime’s Generative AI Services: From Discovery to Mastery in AI Integration

Every successful journey begins with a map, and in the realm of Generative AI, this map is charted through a meticulous discovery and assessment phase. At Cprime, we initiate our engagement by partnering with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique landscape—your challenges, aspirations, and the technological heartbeat of your enterprise.

A Framework for Development in the AI Age

By harnessing custom-crafted AI solutions, teams can expect improved efficiency, enhanced creativity, and better alignment with Agile principles. Explore how Cprime’s CodeBoost and AgileSME AI solutions offer a groundbreaking approach that delivers a complete framework for development in the AI age.

Balancing Value and Productivity: A New Approach to Measuring Developer Performance

Review our executive panel and get their take on viewpoints on Developer Productivity and Metrics in software development, lessons learned and best practices from real-world experience and meaningful productivity measures to align with business outcomes for your teams.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Unlock Developer Hyper-Productivity