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Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center


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High Availability

  • Active-active clustering

    Cluster multiple active servers to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure.
  • Distributed load

    Use any form of load-balancing technology – hardware or software – to intelligently distribute load across your Data Center cluster.
  • Redundancy

    Data Center deployments integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems to minimize single points of failure.
  • Performance at Scale

  • Concurrent user capacity

    Each node in your Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.
  • Application resilience

    Increase application throughput to avoid performance degradation in the event of load spikes.
  • Highest quality of service

    Dedicate nodes for automated tasks to ensure the highest possible quality of service for critical teams within your organization.
  • Instant Scalability

  • Hassle-free deployment

    New nodes can join the cluster without downtime. Existing nodes automatically synchronize indexes and plugins with each new member.
  • Rapid re-indexing

    Quickly re-index your application without locking the system, ensuring your users have maximum uptime.
  • Predictable costs

    Our Data Center deployment option is licensed by user count, not by the number of servers or CPUs, so you can scale your environment without additional license costs.