Scaling Agile and SAFe® in Jira

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Bringing scale to Atlassian, simplified.

A complete technology solution to support any Scaling Agile framework. This solution provides a quick, seamless and structured approach to implement Jira for organizations needing an Atlassian solution for all SAFe® solutions. Custom configurations while adhering to proven best practices and governance guidelines fit every unique business need.

Clearly Defined Deliverables + Minimal Time to Value

Partner with a trusted provider who can provide a clearly defined pathway to success and also takes care of the details

Best Practices for Improved Performance

We quickly identify the strategies to maximize the power of Atlassian technology so that teams can instead focus on user adoption, engagement, and ultimately satisfaction across the organization.

Integrations to Reveal Hidden Potential

With countless hours and 10+ years hands-on success unleashing the potential of your technology, combined with key partnerships, we provide a holistic approach to any client’s growing needs.


SAFe Portfolio

Strategic Themes and Business
Cases, Portfolio Epic Analysis, Create Approved Portfolio Epics, Portfolio Epic Ranking and Backlog (in Portfolio Kanban) and Portfolio Progress Tracking

SAFe Program

Feature Ranking and Backlog (in
Program Kanban), PI Planning Objectives, PI Planning Dependency Management, System Demo, Program Inspect and Adapt, Feature Progress Tracking

SAFe Team Level

Iteration Planning, Iteration Execution, Iteration Review, Iteration Retrospective, Backlog Refinement

Atlassian Platinum Solution and Enterprise Partner trusted to help clients best utilize Atlassian Software

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Cprime was selected Atlassian Partner of the Year: Agile for 2018

Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe®

Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe®

Together, with Atlassian, we are proud to release the “Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe®” white paper   This solution provides an approach to apply SAFe® concepts and principles using the Atlassian suite. While this approach isn’t prescriptive, it offers...

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5 Key Areas to Establish Jira Governance

Throughout our extensive Agile and Atlassian Technology implementation experience, we have identified common team, program and portfolio technology and process...

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Value Streams and SAFe

Understanding and visualizing the flow of value in your organization is one of the first steps for implementing the Scaled...

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