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RAGESM – Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise

RAGE is Cprime’s framework for Agile Governance, or, the
formalization and exercise of repeatable decision-making practices. It
enables rapid decision making, based on lightweight artifacts, developed
with minimum effort Is applicable to any process at the Project, Program,
and Portfolio level of any enterprise.

  • Rapid decision making with minimal effort
  • Utilizes light-weight artifacts
  • Customizable “recipes” for any organization
  • Suitable for any process (Agile, Plan-Driven, Hybrid, etc.)

RAGE Services and Implementation

Large enterprises cannot function without structure, but often develop structures that cripple productivity and impair responsiveness. Cprime provides an approach to building effective structures through the concept of RAGESM, Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise. RAGE enables rapid decisions, based on lightweight artifacts developed with minimum effort and is applicable to any process (Agile, Plan-Driven, Hybrid, etc.). Agile Governance is adaptable, not rigidly prescriptive, which enables our solution architects help craft a custom “recipe” to optimize processes at every level of your organization.

Whate an Implementation looks like

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Services to get You Started

  • RAGE Kickstart Package
  • Portfolio Management Training
  • Portfolio Assessment and Planning
  • Portfolio Consulting and Coaching
  • Portfolio Software Optimization