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AWS Well Architected Review Case Study

AWS Well Architected Review Case Study

Tricentis Leverages Cprime’s AWS Expertise to Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

Tricentis Flood is a distributed, cloud load testing platform that helps teams test, analyze and improve the way their
applications scale — with seamless integration across the DevOps pipeline. With Tricentis, you can achieve a
continuous view of application performance and go live with confidence.

Tricentis adopted Cprime’s recommendations for performance improvements, including the following AWS Services:

  • Threat Detection: AWS GuardDuty – Ensures threat detection by continuously monitoring for malicious activity
    and unauthorized behavior.
  • Traceability: VPC Flow Logs – Provides traceability of network traffic within AWS Virtual Private Clouds.
  • Reliability: Application Load Balancers and Autoscaling Groups – Distributes traffic across multiple AWS
    availability zones to increase reliability and fault tolerance.
  • Disaster Recovery: Amazon S3 – Object storage with replication across regions to ensure disaster recovery.
  • Secure User Access: IAM – Manages user access credentials and programmatic access keys to AWS services.
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