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Agile Quality Engineering

Presentation Synopsis:

Discover the fundamentals of Agile Quality Engineering. This webinar will explore the intersection of Agile Mindset, various Agile and quality engineering practices. Rather than a presentation of buzz words, the session will attempt to facilitate a inner conversation and equip the participants with the awareness of agility and Innovation Games to face the upcoming challenge of Agile Quality Engineering.

Topics include:

  • What is Agile Quality Engineering
  • Agile Mindsets and Being Lean
  • Agile Quality Engineer’s Value Proposition
  • Value Driven Quality and Scrum
  • Test Automation, Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
  • Testing Effort “illities”
  • TDD, BDD & Exploratory Testing
  • Foundation of sustainable Agile Quality Engineering


Luk Lau, Agile Coach

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