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The Economics of Scrum

The Economics of Scrum

More companies, both in the US and abroad, would use Scrum project management if they could understand and visualize the return on investment. Other companies already have a sizable investment in Scrum (training, Certifications, coaching, tools, etc.) How can they measure the value they are receiving from their Scrum project management? In this presentation I discuss the economics of using Scrum: How US and international companies can use Scrum metrics to lower their taxable liability by correctly identifying CapEx and OpEx. How a company can use financial and Scrum based metrics to be more predictive and better prepared to measure ROI with Scrum. Scrum is better equipped and better documented than Waterfall at producing measurable value and cost savings. I also will discuss lessons learned from companies that have used Scrum and metrics to measure financial return.

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