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Getting Started with Continuous Delivery using SAFe®

Getting Started with Continuous Delivery using SAFe®

Software has become critical to almost every organization’s success. In order to stay relevant and useful, your software development teams require the ability to deliver quickly on the strategic needs of your organization. They also require a continuous improvement of the product and/or service they offer customers – whether that is consumer services online or a web application. The ability to collaborate with business partners to quickly deliver products which meet strategic initiatives is the purpose of applying the model of continuous delivery to your software delivery lifecycle.

To understand how SAFe® and continuous delivery intertwine relies on understanding how DevOps functions and how those functions integrate with continuous delivery. DevOps is an essential element of SAFe as it tries to resolve the opposing goals of an organization, which is delivering value to production quickly but delivering at a sustainable rate to maintain environmental stability. This guide will examine what principles of SAFe® DevOps can help your organization sustainably deliver value to customers quickly and while also maintaining a stable environment.

In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • Characteristics of a high-functioning delivery team
  • Continuous delivery & DevOps at scale
  • Lean Start-Up and the continuous delivery pipeline
  • Value of measuring functionality
  • The benefit of having DevOps mindset
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