Cprime Announces Expansion into Canada

Leading technology company to extend its footprint and offer training and consulting services to Canadian enterprises

Across Canadian industries, enterprises are looking to soar to the next level of their digital journey. In order to do so, they require expert leadership, know-how, and methodologies to adapt and accelerate their transformation. Agility has become paramount for organizations looking to future-proof their workforce and their products, and prepare for the constant disruptions and fast-paced, evolving business world.

Read Press ReleaseAs a leading Agile, Product, and Technology consulting and training provider, Cprime is proud to announce its global expansion into Canada, where it will provide Canadian enterprises the critical skills necessary to benefit their organization and allow them to thrive now, and in the future.

Cprime’s CEO, Zubin Irani, appointed Marie-Christine (MC) Legault as Head of Canada for Cprime to lead strategic solutions in the Canadian market. Her focus will be on strategic priorities and guiding clients to set an innovative growth mindset and foundation for their digital transformation journeys. Culture, talent, and leadership abilities will be key and Cprime intends to guide, work hand-in-hand, and build a culture of continuous growth with Canadian-based companies.

With a vast network of industry experts, strategic partnerships, and 30 years of experience, Cprime will bring innovative coaching, change management solutions, and private and public training to the Canadian landscape. Enterprises now face an urgency to adapt to evolving digital needs. Cprime’s goal is not only to implement change but to enable organizations to thrive on their own.

“Cprime’s presence will help Canadian companies soar and drive successful transformations while gaining rapid growth, value, and agility.”
– Marie-Christine (MC) Legault, Head of Canada at Cprime“I am very excited to be a part of the Cprime family. I want Canadian companies, executives, and employees to reap the benefits of a smarter, more adaptive business ecosystem. I am looking to bring agility to the heart of enterprises, individuals, and markets across Canada,” said MC Legault. “As industry leaders, our clients and partners are looking to us to better understand how to leverage product and training value that drives change. Cprime will help Canadian enterprises and executives truly taste what it means to work with an organization that delivers quick wins. Problem solving and solution finding that drive real results are on the menu,” MC Legault added.

Looking for Enterprise Learning and Career Advancement?

With its vast network of industry experts, strategic partnerships, and 30 years of experience, Cprime brings innovative public and private professional development solutions at the corporate, team, and individual levels.

“Organizations face constant change in both market conditions and technological landscape. We help our clients navigate through the complexity by offering innovative models of learning in virtual, hybrid, and eLearning environments, as well as in-person classroom learning, when available,” said Anne Steiner, VP, Product and Technology. “We are diligent in keeping our curriculum relevant and our content fresh and applicable. With an experienced team of instructors, we can deliver the right content to the right people at the time and in the format that best suits their needs.”

A Canadian-friendly training schedule (all time zones) is now available, including industry-leading certified classes around Agile, SAFe® certifications through Scaled Agile, Atlassian, DevSecOps, Scrum (through Scrum Alliance and Scrum.org), and more. Private and public courses can be tailored to meet specific customer knowledge and training needs. Through Cprime’s offerings of innovative career training models, Canadian organizations can efficiently build learning journeys that meet the demands of ever-increasing complexity.

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