The Difference Between Definition of Done & Definition of Ready

What is the difference between the Definition of Done (DoD) and the Definition of Ready (DoR) in Agile processes? Let’s take a look at how to utilize these items.

Definition of Done (DoD)

definition of done

I see the Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria being commonly confused on teams. Acceptance Criteria applies to a specific work item while a Definition of Done applies to the Increment, which is usually a collection of work items. The DoD tells us when the Increment can truly be considered “done.” In the technical realm, teams may to include activities such as passing of user acceptance testing (UAT), completion of system integration, and production installation in a DoD.

Do we have any readers who remember the residential cleaning service example from the Acceptance Criteria article? Let’s add a Definition of Done to this.

Work Item

Example Acceptance Criteria

Clean Living Room 1. Floor is free of dirt, debris, and pet hair

2. Blinds and curtains are free of dust

3. Throw blankets smell fresh and are folded on the couch