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Responsive Engineering Course

This 2-day course shows students how to combine agile engineering practices with product thinking, so that the evolutionary design of your system is always aligned with the needs of your product.


Appreciation for the value of a test-first development model Ability to apply concepts of TDD, test automation, and responsive engineering to your product context Understanding of evolutionary design and the importance of designing “to change” versus “for any possible change.” Tips and tricks for refactoring and building testability into legacy codebases


In this course you learn and work through hands-on exercises to develop these four engineering skills:

Product Thinking-Based System Architecture: Blend the needs of the system architecture with the needs of the product. Apply the right balance between creating extendible, well-designed systems and over-engineering beyond the product needs.

Evolutionary Design: Drive the design of your code by using a test-first approach grounded in product discovery. Iteratively and incrementally deliver tests for stories and user journeys. Ensure your systems are testable both internally and externally.

Continuous Product Learning: Create simple, consistent build processes allowing you to grow test suites over time while addressing separation of testing concerns. Manage testing dependencies within and across teams.

Refactoring Legacy Code: Work with legacy code created without tests to address poorly designed code, bring critical parts of the product under test

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