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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI)

Cprime’s Continuous Integration (CI) practice focuses on getting companies in the habit of regularly merging your code and validating the results through unit tests. These merges can be done a few times a week, at a regular time each day, even automatically with every commit. The frequency depends on your particular process and needs, but the idea is that you integrate your code often so that you can minimize complicated merges. This sets your organization up for Continuous Delivery (CD) and a DevOps routine by speeding up your software development.

Key Benefits

  • Get your working code into needed environments as quickly as possible so that teams aren’t left waiting for manual processes to be executed
  • Utilize automated testing to ensure software is working as expected and ready to go at any time
  • Understand where your problems are sooner through an iterative process that allows you to isolate needed fixes more quickly

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