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Continuous Integration (CI) Workshop

Continuous Integration (CI) Workshop

Custom Team Workshop on Continuous Integration & Delivery, Release Maturity and Automation

Continuous Integration Workshop Summary

Continuous Integration (CI) is a big part of continuous delivery in Scrum software development. It is the concept of continuously building and testing software using an automated process. Scrum professionals often recommend using Continuous Integration because of the continuous delivery and quality it provides. We have learned that utilizing CI can help us catch bugs earlier, enable better visibility, reduce repetitive processes, enable the development team to produce deployable products at a moment’s notice, and reduce risk overall. This workshop is a hands on workshop to get your software developers and programmers to adopt the Continuous Integration method.

More on Continuous Integration: CI is a situation where a team has sufficient automation tools in place to take a code change commit to a source repository all the way through build, test, verify and finally deploy to a production server. The coding practices to maintain this system add some overhead including a requirement on producing good automated tests together with feature code and an attention to the continuous build server (when a build fails the team stops what they are doing to fix the build.)

What You Will Learn for Our Continuous Integration Workshop:

  • What is Continuous Integration & Why Use it
  • How to choose the Continuous Integration Tool and tradeoffs of each
  • How to address a team’s Release Management Maturity
  • The SCM/RCS (Source Control Management/Revision Control System)
  • The Release Maturity Model
  • What is Revision Control?
  • How to build and maintain a source repository
  • How to Automate builds
  • How to deal with broken builds
  • How to automate deployment
  • How to quickly identify problems through rapid, reliable build completion
  • How to reduce the risks of using Continuous Integration
  • Metrics in Continuous Integration


1 day.


The objective of this workshop is to guide your development or programming teams through the principals and best practices of Continuous Integration. Our Coaches do this through lecture, exercises and hands-on mentoring. We know every team is different and has unique barriers in the process of Continuous Delivery. So whether your teams are struggling with the revision control system or how to deal with broken builds our coaches try to guide you towards successful delivery.


Developers, Q/A, Project Managers, Technical Managers, Web Developers, Software Developers.


Although this workshop does not require an individual or team member to have taken any course or training in Agile or development methods, we recommend individuals already know the fundamentals. Our workshops typically come after our coaches assess your teams and organization to understand your unique roadblocks or limitations of Adopting agile. If your team is not up to speed on the basics, we recommend starting with our Enterprise Agile Development course.