cPrime Partners with Angela Druckman to Provide Training Courses

cPrime Partners with Angela Druckman, A Leader in Agile Development and Coaching to Provide Training Courses. 

Foster City, San Mateo, July 22nd, 2013, cPrime, a consulting, staffing and training company for Scrum and Agile development, is proud to inform that it has partnered with Angela Druckman, Certified Scrum Trainer, renowned instructor throughout the world and author of 30 Days to Better Agile. Angela is specialized in Agile Transformation, providing hands on training sessions with teams and organizations to improve their competitive position in the market, as well as, their effectiveness, efficiency and successful delivery of actual results.


Angela’s hands on approach of teaching, allows her students to retain knowledge by immediately implementing what they have learned into their own individual workflow.  “My classes are a blend of listening and doing.  Everything my attendees will do in their real Scrum projects, from writing user stories to holding effective retrospectives, we practice in class,” said Druckman.


cPrime’s Scrum and Agile trainers, are very adaptable to different approaches of teaching, as Zubin Irani, CEO, explains, “Every team’s needs, goals and environments are different and require a customized approach. With customized training courses, teams can quickly overcome the obstacles of adopting Agile. Angela Druckman’s experience, expertise and methods of implementation resonate with cPrime’s core values and principles.”


Druckman’s methods of implementation revolve around patience to produce results that are long-term. As Druckman explains, “People forget the value of practice.  Like any new activity, getting good at Scrum takes diligent effort.  Too often organizations make a half-hearted attempt to implement agile techniques, get discouraged and declare ‘Scrum didn’t work for us.’ In fact, if they just would have stuck with it, the benefits they hoped to see were just around the corner.”



About Angela Druckman:

Angela is a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach. She is the author of 30 Days to Better Agile, and has helped countless enterprises and individuals reach their goals of adopting Agile. Her expertise lies with the successful implementation of Scrum in organizations, training Product Owners, and helping individuals better their roles within their organization.