Jira and Cprime Partners
  • Bug tracking
  • Custom workflows
  • Project tracking
  • Reporting
  • Plugins and extensions
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Jira Licensing

Renew, procure and co-term licensing for all Atlassian products with support and account mgmt.

Jira Consulting

Get your Atlassian products and apps, running optimally, in alignment with your processes.

Managed Services
Jira Managed Services

From infrastructure to managed hosting, we ensure that your systems remain operating as expected

Jira Migrations

Make the move from server to cloud, migrate your systems, or consolidate your instances. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Jira Software is designed specifically for software teams, delivering best-in-class agile tooling, with default best practices, deep developer tool integrations, and a focused project experience
for your entire team.

Deliver great customer service with multi-channel
help across Web, email and mobile.

Jira Core provides a purpose built experience for business teams and extends Jira’s fundamental workflow capabilities with specific templates for business teams.

With Portfolio for Jira, you can plan and forecast
a realistic roadmap, make data-informed decisions
when the unexpected happens, and keep everyone
in the know.

Scale Jira with SAFe

Cprime’s Jira SAFe product blends Atlassian’s ALM Platform with the Scaled Agile Framework to develop a tool and process configuration for clients. The Jira SAFe solution provides a critical component to technology transformation, providing one single ALM tool for all teams, enabling easier training effort and comprehensive rollup reporting giving them the ability to understand the total cost of ownership. It brings end-to-end visibility of epics, features and stories and provides a single source of Agile data, reducing the labor need for reconciling, standardizing and normalizing.