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Are you getting the most out of Jira?

Atlassian Jira Implementations, Consulting and Solutions

Optimize Jira

Your core business probably isn't understanding Jira, but ours is!

Cprime Jira Software solutions are based on years of success optimizing and delivering Jira Software for clients in all industries and verticals.

Build with Agility

We architect the Agile ecosystem with Jira at the heart, so organizations can embrace Agile.

Trusted Atlassian Expertise

Leverage our 10+ years' knowledge of Atlassian Applications as we enable your tools to meet every business need.

Go beyond "out-of-the-box"

Out-of-the-box, Jira is capable and competent software; however, your business is unique and doesn't fit in that box. Lean on us for your customization.

Jira Solution Highlights

Jira Discovery

A Cprime Jira Discovery creates an accurate understanding of the clients' business needs and realities to make solid recommendations that align the client on the challenges and potential path forward.

Jira Foundations Packages

The Jira Software Foundation is designed to help you learn and navigate the product. At the end of the engagement you should be able to take your new understanding, reference the models we've built together and use that to finish building out the rest of your product in those areas.

Scaling Agile in Jira

Our Cprime Foundations: Jira SAFe product blends Atlassian’s ALM Platform with the Scaled Agile Framework to develop a tool and process configuration for clients. The Jira SAFe solution provides a critical component to technology transformation, providing one single ALM tool for all teams.

Agile Transformation on Tight Timeline: Agile + Jira + Jira Align

Agile Transformation on Tight Timeline: Agile + Jira + Jira Align

Agile Transformation on Tight Timeline: Agile + Jira + Jira Align

Overview Industry: Financial services Company Size: 15,000 Employees Location: U.S. Products:Financial services in the academic, research, medical, cultural and governmental fields Change is always challenging, especially for large companies well-established in their markets. But, it’s also a necessary process for...


Case Study: Jira Cloud Implementation and Custom Workflows at Kairos Aerospace

In today’s world, new and flashy technology is popping up every day. Sometimes it’s important, sometimes it’s silly. But, it’s...

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Is Jira Align or Advanced Roadmaps the right tool to scale Agile in my organization?

With the release of Jira Align, many clients have been asking us which of these platforms for scaling Jira is...

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What is Jira? Frequently Asked Questions

Jira is a flexible issue tracking tool that helps teams plan, manage, and report on their work. There are different...

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