(CI/CD) Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Deliver quality code more often

Automation for Speed.

Cprime’s Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) solution helps teams deliver code changes more often, speeding up development and implementing a methodology where teams automate the building and testing of their code so that they can deliver functioning software to needed environments at any time.

Understand where your problems are sooner through an iterative process that allows you to isolate needed fixes more quickly

Get your working code into needed environments as quickly as possible so that teams aren’t left waiting for manual processes to be executed

Utilize automated testing to ensure software is working as expected and ready to go at any time

CI/CD Assessment

Cprime will look at your current operations to evaluate the tools and procedures you currently utilize to better understand how well they work for you. Coupled with interviews to get a sense of where your organization wants to go, we craft a package of recommendations based on best practices and our experience of what is possible and how to get there.

CI/CD Proof of Concept

With an assessment in place, Cprime will work with a handful of teams and applications in your organization to build out a basic DevOps process and toolset that fits your needs. This POC will generally have a few iterations until we arrive at a product that works well and could be used as a model that would be applied to other teams and applications.

CI/CD Transformation and Training

Working with the results of the POC, Cprime will build (or help support) the rollout of that template across your organization. This will be done in conjunction with training for your team to help instill the practices and understanding of the tools that your organization is specifically adopting.

We partner with the best to deliver the best.

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