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DevSecOps Consulting

Development with Security at its Core

DevSecOps Consulting

Automate Security Procedures with DevSecOps

A correctly implemented DevSecOps practice provides automated testing and in-depth security scanning as part of an automated software development pipeline.By using automation, teams gain peace of mind by validating that safe practices are followed with every release. As team confidence grows, so does the reliability of released software, leading to predictable organizational reliability and trust of the software delivery team.

DevSecOps automatically checks for the most common vulnerabilities including deprecated or vulnerable libraries and unhandled code exceptions while your software is being built. Mature instrumentation’s of DevSecOps include dynamic code scanning and fuzz testing to catch security vulnerabilities that are not yet publicly known.

DevSecOps as a practice also minimizes the pain of audits by addressing security concerns before they are discovered by an audit, or worse, a malicious hacker. Combine DevSecOps with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and minimize the attack surface by applying secure coding principles to both the applications being developed and the infrastructure on which they’re built.

The result is that only tested, approved, and vulnerability-free infrastructure will run your tested, approved, and vulnerability-free applications.

As your DevSecOps Consulting partner, Cprime will walk you through setting up your DevSecOps practice by helping your developers and engineers to:

Automate Security Testing

Build DevSecOps and Security Scanning directly into the DevOps Pipeline and detect vulnerabilities before they can disrupt your business or your development process.

Set Up Management of Existing Code Vulnerabilities

Continually monitor your apps for known exploitation’s so you can see your software development team improving your risk profile.

Implement and Optimize DevOps Best Practices

Store code in Git, use a CI/CD DevOps pipeline, create and spin-up infrastructure in the cloud, deploy applications in containers, and orchestrate containers.

Additional DevSecOps Solutions

DevSecOps Software Tools

Cprime can simplify the overwhelming landscape of DevSecOps software tools by curating a simplified list for your specific business needs. Cprime will help you select the right tools for:

  • Automated dependency checks
  • Static application security scanning
  • Dynamic application security scanning
  • Fuzz testing
  • Penetration testing

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Custom Coding and Integration

Cprime can speed up your software development team’s adoption of modern DevSecOps tools and practices. Our custom software development teams can take on the development work for you. Using agile working methods, we team up with business teams who want to turn ideas into reality, from the design of the software product to development, infrastructure, and scaling.

Establishing a flourishing DevSecOps practice in your organization often requires some level of custom coding or integration so that all the tools you use can sync up automatically and consistently.

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DevSecOps Training

Cprime can skill up engineering teams who are technically capable but need help learning DevSecOps best practices, principles and behaviors. Cprime Learning offers training initiatives with a robust, and completely customizable DevOps and DevSecOps training curriculum.

Popular DevSecOps courses include:

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