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Agile Transformation Case Study at Wiredrive

Agile Transformation Case Study at Wiredrive

In 2008, Wiredrive faced two major problems that had been years in the making.

The first was that it had two competing business focuses: custom Web-design; and online file-sharing services. Both provided revenues, but while the long-term potential of the latter was larger, the attention devoted to the former slowed progress on the file-sharing service.

The second was difficulty in planning and implementing new capabilities for the file-sharing service. The company’s “Waterfall” process worked, but its pace and flexibility proved disappointing.

Motivated by the second problem, the company decided to migrate from their existing Waterfall process, to Scrum. The year-long transition succeeded because all company stakeholders bought in to the need and sustained the commitment over the time required to work through the challenges.

Wiredrive’s new Scrum process increased visibility into all aspects of software development. Surprisingly, this visibility brought new clarity to business issues, as well as to development priorities. As a result, the company decided to re-write the file-sharing application to improve flexibility, and to terminate the custom Web design service in favor of the file-sharing business.

Wiredrive adopted Scrum as a tactic to improve the company’s ability to develop software, but found that it also enabled strategic business decisions that provided major benefits. As a result, Wiredrive considers the transition to Scrum to be a success.

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