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Gtmhub Collaborates with Cprime on Powerful Custom Integrations for Jira Align, Miro, and Aha!

Company Details

Industry: Enterprise software

Company Size: Over 200 employees serving over 1,000 clients

Location: International, based in Colorado, USA

Products: Enterprise planning software

Cprime Services:

Executive Summary

Gtmhub sought a streamlined, efficient system to help clients connect their OKRs with Jira Align, Miro, and Aha!. Massive growth and customer requirements meant speed was crucial as they sought to improve the OKR process. In the search to provide greater transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness, they turned to a long-term partner - Cprime.


Gtmhub is a leading cloud-based strategy execution platform utilizing the OKR methodology for enterprises and non-profits. Their proprietary solution offers the ability to connect to over 100 systems (CRMs, databases, issue tracking systems, marketing automation, etc.) and calculate key results in real time.

“Cprime has been a trusted tech partner of Gtmhub throughout the various projects we’ve collaborated on.” – Desislava Tileva, Director of Product Management, Gtmhub

The Challenge

Gtmhub acts as the source of truth for creating and executing business objectives. A key component of this value comes from a wide library of app integrations, allowing for updates from a variety of sources to be directly pulled into the platform. Consistently growing and improving this library in a timely fashion is key to their continued success.

Desislava Tileva, Director of Product Management at Gtmhub, explains, “During the rapid ongoing growth of Gtmhub, we’ve witnessed a large number of integration requests. Being a customer-driven organization, we wanted to address as many of them as possible, while doing it in a timely and fashionable manner. Naturally, we had to prioritize, which meant some projects could take longer to deliver, but we knew we could do better.”

Gtmhub had three custom integrations they saw as priorities for meeting their clients needs. With the goal of expanding their library without sacrificing other ongoing projects, they decided to engage an outside partner. This vital work couldn’t be left to chance, so they turned to Cprime. “Cprime has been a trusted tech partner of Gtmhub throughout the various projects we’ve collaborated on,” Tileva says.

The Solution

In collaboration with their clients, Gtmhub had a clear definition of what was needed, so no extended discovery or planning phases were required. Instead, the two teams worked closely together to outline requirements and, very quickly, Cprime set about building API-to-API integrations to solve the client’s problems:

Jira Align integration

A plugin that displays a portion of the Jira Align interface within the client solution’s interface. It allows users to map the necessary elements in Jira Align to track them through the solution.

Miro integration

A custom integration that displays a portion of the client solution’s interface in the online whiteboard and collaboration tool, Miro, enabling users to create Miro objects during brainstorming sessions, then transfer them to Gtmhub to continue working with them. And, the process works both ways — items already in Gtmhub can be pulled to Miro to serve as a foundation for brainstorming sessions.

“Partnering with the team at Gtmhub empowered our development team to put out our best work rapidly. The result is going to be of great value to Gtmhub’s customers.” – Anton Rosales, Delivery Manager, Cprime

These integrations work together to support the following highly-efficient workflow:

  1. The OKRs are created during a brainstorming session in Miro.
  2. The approved OKRs in the Miro board are then sent to the client’s proprietary solution through our Miro integration.
  3. The Jira Align dashboard can be accessed through the client’s UI and epics can be mapped to the relevant OKRs in their solution.

Since Cprime completed these integrations, the teams have undertaken a project currently being prepared for public access:

  • Aha! integration – A custom integration to link elements from the client solution and display them in Aha! for the MVP stage.

Anton Rosales, Cprime Delivery Manager for the project, recalls, “Partnering with the team at Gtmhub empowered our development team to put out our best work rapidly. The result is going to be of great value to Gtmhub’s customers.”

Tileva confirms, “The Cprime team has both the in-depth technical knowledge and experience in working with large clients to properly define and understand the project scope and underlying needs. When applicable, Cprime has provided us with access to a sandbox environment enabling internal testing and higher transparency into the project development.”

The Result

This project improved the speed and efficiency of otherwise manual processes and created a more transparent process for a critical strategic planning function. The integrations enabled customers to brainstorm their objectives in Miro, pull them into Gtmhub, and connect them directly to epics in Jira Align – tracking progress towards a shared goal with every task delivered. Prioritization has been simplified and employees’ motivation has grown significantly.

These integrations allowed Gtmhub to deliver significant value to its users without deprioritizing other crucial projects. A dedicated delivery manager ensured Gtmhub could stay focused on the business requirements and allowed Cprime to focus on utilizing its experienced team to deal with all the technical issues.

Tileva concludes, “The professionalism and attention to detail of the Cprime team made our conjoined work a breeze. Anton ensured there was smooth coordination of all activities, meetings, and requirements and was quick to respond and implement the desired scope.”

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Featured Team Members

Anton Rosales
Cprime Delivery Manager

Desislava Tileva
Gtmhub Director of Product Management

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