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Resources > > Professional Certification Program for Brokerage Firm – DevOps Case Study
Professional Certification Program for Brokerage Firm – DevOps Case Study

Professional Certification Program for Brokerage Firm – DevOps Case Study

Highlighted Results for DevOps Case Study:

  • 90% of learners rated their overall satisfaction as “Excellent”
  • More than 80% of learners reported gaining additional skills
  • Improved quality of work, process efficiency, and morale


In early 2017, a large Brokerage Firm was in a unique and challenging situation.  The Brokerage Firm was in the middle of being acquired by one of their larger competitors. As is common during large acquisitions, massive layoffs were unavoidable. While the executives were handling the logistics of the merger, the Learning and Development department was tasked with providing training opportunities for more than 1700 IT professionals at the company. The purpose of this training was to give their employees in-demand skills and certifications so that they would be better prepared for their positions at the new company, or in the event of a laid-off, to prepared them for their next career opportunity.

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Having been a trusted training partner in years past, the L&D Department turned to Cprime Learning for help.  In a collaborative effort, a list of desired skills and knowledge the associates would need to succeed was put together and specific training courses were mapped to provide the necessary training.  In the end, 15 different course titles and over 100 classes were scheduled and delivered between January and June. Cprime Learning worked closely with L&D on a weekly base and provided logistics support to include facility readiness, course material, virtual lab access, and Instructor communication.  At the end of each delivery, data collected from post-event evaluations were summarized and provided back to senior leadership at the Brokerage Firm that reported on satisfaction and skills acquired.

Discussed in this DevOps case study, there were 15 different courses delivered during this program across four major categories:

DevOps & Containerization

Developer Languages

Data Analysis & Data Engineering

Project Management

  • Project Management 101 – The Fundamentals of Project Management
  • The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Boot Camp

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