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How Not to Agile

How Not to Agile

What does it mean to be practicing Agile? Does it mean having daily standup, running a two-week sprint and using a tool for managing requirements?

Unfortunately, that is not what it means to be Agile.

The success of the Agile Manifesto and values in the software development arena and across IT has raised the possibility of applying the principles and concepts more broadly. Elements include organizational structure, leadership, jobs, roles and careers, re-engaging and empowering the workforce, and the critical role of Human Resources in the transformation of a culture that values agility. You will learn methods for realigning your own organization for Agility and creating new ways to work.

An Agile Assessment will allow your organization to identify the gaps that are stopping you from truly being Agile in order for you to determine your areas of improvement and achieve enterprise-wide agility. The assessments are tailored to your organization wherever you are in your Agile transformation journey.

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