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Enterprise Solutions – The Enterprise Tooling Value Stream

Enterprise Value Stream Solutions keenly focus on the expedited flow of value to customers with a connected tech stack.  An…

Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping

Take a deep dive into value stream mapping practices for identifying and optimizing your stream. These methods are becoming incredibly…

Product Agility
Cprime Enterprise Dojos

If you’re a coach or trainer in an agile development organization, you’ve probably heard of the Dojo concept. But, for…

Product Management
Project to Product FAQ with Anne Steiner

  A Brief History of Project to Product Thinking   What Challenges Will Organizations Face When Switching from Project to…

Atlassian Cloud for Enterprise

These days, your organization is under increased and constant pressure to change, innovate and adapt to remain competitive. Your organization…

Cutting an Agile Groove Video Series

This is a free series of instructional videos for newbies and practitioners. The series covers topics like coaching, agile product…

Building Adaptable Teams the Marine Core Way

In this video, Anne Steiner shares characteristics of the United States Marine Core that can be applied to professional teams…

Software Development
Top 3 Reasons to be Blockchain Ready With Kirk Phillips

The blockchain world is as difficult to navigate as ever in 2020, but it shouldn't be ignored. Kirk Phillips will…

Where do User Stories Come From?

Where do user stories come from? Cprime’s Anne Steiner, Vice President of Product Agility, briefly talks about how to break…

Cloud Strategy: Cloud Migration Planning

Learn how to design and execute a cloud migration plan, learn about the 4 cloud deployment models, cloud principles, and…

Software Development
Getting Started with Bitbucket

Set up a Bitbucket repository and connect to Sourcetree. This video is a short intro on what Bitbucket and Sourcetree…

How to Create a Simple Project in Java

In this quick tutorial, we will go over the basics for creating a basic echo app in Oracle's Java Programming…

Software Development
How To Add Code to a Remote GitHub Repository

In today’s world, where people no longer need to be physically in the same room to complete projects, a powerful,…

Introduction to Building Application Servers With Koa

Koa is a smaller, more expressive web framework for node.js. this video will take you through the basics of setting…

Installing Jenkins for Windows

In this video, viewers will learn how to properly install Jenkins onto their Windows computer.

Microsoft Tools & Platforms
Installing Eclipse Oxygen for Windows

In this video, viewers will learn how to download and install Eclipse Oxygen on Windows 10.

Defining Digital Transformation in 5 Minutes

A digital transformation means different things to different people, but it does not need to be complicated. It boils down…

What is the ICP-ATF?

In the workplace, we are running meetings every day. So how do you go from running meetings to facilitating them?…

How Not to Agile

What does it mean to be practicing Agile? Does it mean having daily standup, running a two-week sprint and using…

Configuration Management
Ansible NTP Playbook

This video covers Ansible NTP playbooks. Ansible is really only limited to what you are capable of doing in your…

Configuration Management
Ansible HTTPD Playbook

This video covers Ansible HTTPD playbooks. Ansible is really only limited to what you are capable of doing in your…

Gated Check In TFS

Learn how to configure a Gated Check In TFS to restrict developers from checking in bad code that does not build…

Using AWS Route 53 for DNS Zone and Record Management

In this video, viewers will learn how to configure AWS Route 53 to be the DNS server for a registered…

How to install Java Development Kit

This quick tutorial shows you how to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) onto your computer so you're ready for…

Optimizing Docker Images for Size

Image size can end up being a massive weight on your Docker files. In this video, we will cover how…

Docker Deployment into AWS Fargate’s Elastic Containers

In this video we're covering how to deploy your own Docker images in Fargate. AWS' new elastic containers feature is…

Introduction to Docker

Get started with Docker with a practical exercise in testing against Mongo. This video will guide you through the basics.…

Data & Analytics
Introduction to Splunk

Splunk is a great way to organize your data, but how do you get started? In this 20 minute video,…

AWS PuTTY Connection

In this quick and easy video tutorial we will show you how to download PuTTY and then use it to…

How to Publish a Docker Image

Viewers will learn how to take a Docker image and publish it to Docker Hub to easily share with others…

Data & Analytics
PowerBI vs Excel: How to Work With Large Amounts of Data

In this first video of a two-part video series, PowerBI expert, Erick Polsky, demonstrates super-useful features for analyzing your data…

Data & Analytics
PowerBI vs Excel: How to Use PowerPivot

In this second part of a two-part series, PowerBI expert, Erick Polsky, continues his demonstration of super-useful features for analyzing…

Installing Apache Maven

In this video, viewers will learn how to download and install Apache Maven through using the Java Development Kit.

DevOps Integration

When you think DevOps, it’s more than just developers and operations on the same team. DevOps is a transformation of…