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Portfolio Management Online Training

Portfolio Management Online Training

Agile Portfolio Management presents simple and practical techniques for the effective management of Portfolios of business initiatives. These techniques are relevant for product development in any industry, including hardware and software.

Students will learn best practices for developing Portfolios of business initiatives, defining selection criteria for initiatives, scheduling and resource planning for initiatives, monitoring and revising initiatives in development, and budgeting and capitalization.

Course Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Portfolios and Governance

  • Module 2: Flow and Ceremonies

  • Module 3: Initiatives and Business Cases

  • Module 4: Decision Factors

  • Module 5: Return-Related Factors

  • Module 6: Investment-Related Factors

  • Module 7: Making Portfolio Decisions

  • Module 8: Schedule and Resource Planning

  • Module 9: Tracking and Managing Initiatives

  • Module 10: Budgeting

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