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Why I HATE SharePoint eBook

Why I HATE SharePoint eBook

Why is SharePoint so frustrating? From its unusual search function to its seemingly limited compatibility, there’s a lot to make you want to pull your hair out.&nbsp

The Why I HATE SharePoint eBook breaks down the 10 most frustrating things about SharePoint and gives you everything you need to know to cope.

Despite many frustrating quirks SharePoint has, we are still optimistic and will show you SharePoint’s best side, in the hopes that its positive aspects will outweigh your frustrations.

In this ebook, we will explore:

  • SharePoint Is Not Inherent – It’s Confusing
  • There Is an Excessive Learning Curve for Sharepoint
  • Search Doesn’t Work Like Other Search Engines
  • I Don’t Want to Learn Metadata – What’s Wrong With Folders
  • We Heard Sharepoint Is Like Facebook and We Don’t Want Social Media
  • SharePoint Doesn’t Work on Mobile Devices or Non-IE Browsers
  • It Takes Too Much Effort to Get Value From SharePoint
  • Is Governance Required
  • There Are Too Many Options
  • Administration Is Too Hard
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