Achieve customizable integration between Jira and Mattermost

Recently Atlassian announced its decision to sunset Hipchat and Stride effective February 15, 2019, which we shared with you all in our blog.

It’s no secret that these two chat apps have made a profound impact on collaboration over the years, giving teams the ability to collaborate in real time across devices in a simple and effective manner eliminating silos, miscommunication and duplication of efforts. For many companies, the decision will be “where to next?” as they try and find a solution that can easily replace the Hipchat / Stride shaped hole in their hearts.

When considering the options of a viable alternative, it’s important to ensure your new product is compatible with your current software setup. While many companies will be looking to Slack to take the collaboration load off their back, it’s important to note that Slack does not offer a server option for their service. As such, companies using server based software are ineligible to use it.

Luckily, we at Cprime are happy to announce Mattermost as a great alternative for all you server based companies out there.

Mattermost is a collaboration tool which offers all the benefits and features of Slack, in cloud AND server form. It offers the same benefits as other collaboration tools (multi device, continuous archiving, instant search etc) but with an added focus on security and privacy.

In case you missed reading about Mattermost, here’s a quick recap of why Mattermost should be included as part of your real-time communication behind your firewall solution.

Mattermost offers an open source, private cloud platform

In contrast to Slack and other proprietary SaaS services, Mattermost offers an open source, private cloud platform where enterprises have complete control of their vital communications:


Mattermost offers modern communication behind your firewall. Run your vital communications under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.


Your IP address, your usage patterns, the contents of your messages—SaaS services know more about your company than you do. In contrast, Mattermost provides the benefits of modern communication without sacrificing privacy.

Legal Compliance

Consumer data protection laws, data regulations, GDPR and even non-disclosure agreements are complex and ever-changing, with heavy penalties for breach. Self-hosting your communications simplifies compliance and reduces risk.


Mattermost offers enterprise-grade customization with complete access to source code, UI text files, APIs, drivers, and a wide array of open source integrations and samples. Whether it’s branding the login page or white-labeling mobile apps, the enterprise is in total control.


Mattermost was built from the ground-up for enterprise with a single-tenant private cloud architecture offering high availability and horizontal scaling. Tens of thousands of users can operate out of a single team and hundreds of teams can be deployed in an enterprise.

You CAN enhance and customize integration between Jira and Mattermost

Currently, standard Jira and Mattermost integration is limited. It only allows Jira to push notifications to Mattermost when an issue is created, updated or deleted. With the standard integration between Jira and Mattermost you can send a message when the assignee is changed, you are not able to send even a notification with something as simple as when the description changes.

Do not fear, we can resolve these limitations! With Power Scripts™ for Jira, Jira admins are able to enjoy a wider range of integration benefits. For example, with Power Scripts you could control and customize which Jira changes specifically would send a notification to Mattermost. Similarly, instead of having notifications triggered by events and not workflow changes when using the standard integration, with Power Scipts you could send messages to Mattermost using Post Functions. Additionally, Power Scripts could use a listener to sync comments with Mattermost where the standard integration could not. All in all, Power Scripts is a powerful tool that can enable teams to take full advantage of the collaboration and speed that comes with Mattermost.

How to get migrated to Mattermost

With the date of February 15, 2019 just around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about your data migration and how you can get your teams set up on Mattermost in a smooth transition.

The team at Cprime are experts in smooth migrations and will be here to help you every step of the way. Have questions about how this will impact your team’s tools? Just reach out to us. As trusted Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners, we have answers and are always happy to help.

Agile Use cases:

  • notifications back to the (slack user/ slack team/ slack channel) anytime a high priority issue is in a sprint and becomes blocked by another issue
  • notifications … when new work is added to the sprint after it has been started.
  • notifications of a dependency issue list that are at risk to break the sprint schedule / release schedule

Service Desk use cases

  • New customer request ticket in JSD creates a slack channel or gets injected into a slack channel.
  • Escalations from JSD get created in Slack. (can be tier 1 or priority issue types tagged for escalation or which have a fast SLA.)
  • Track high priority requests from VIP customers or accounts with custom triggers and webhooks

AI Use Cases:

  • Slack bots to auto send / feed info from a documentation space anytime a keyword or phrase is mentioned in Slack
  • Creating team room concepts and having this be the central point of collaboration alongside integrated work items in Jira. (Team Rooms, Program Rooms, Portfolio Rooms)
  • Having important business metrics be listened for and if criteria is met, they are delivered into a report and dropped into a room.

(You get the idea, there can be so many of these!)

Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime