Automating the Enterprise: Cprime + GitLab

Cprime announces a strategic partnership with GitLab to help companies accelerate software delivery and meet business objectives.

Cprime’s agile, product, and technology solutions will receive a considerable boost thanks to a new strategic partnership with GitLab, the single application for the DevOps lifecycle.

With its origins as an open source project helping teams collaborate on software development, GitLab aims to replace multiple point tools used by teams across the organization, combining them into a streamlined software workflow.

GitLab offers unmatched visibility and higher levels of efficiency, enabling organizations with entirely new capabilities. Combined with Cprime’s extensive experience in processes, tools, DevOps solutions and Agile transformations at scale, customers can increase operational efficiencies, reduce security/compliance risk, and deliver better products faster.


“With Cprime and GitLab, you will be able to improve your delivery pipeline and establish processes and tools to maintain base code integrity with concurrent development and full transparency.”

A shocking 70% of digital transformations fail due to complexity, bottlenecks, and inefficiency. Poor collaboration and communication contribute to the problem, and a lack of visibility and traceability make it difficult to identify and remedy issues. With Cprime and GitLab, clients will be able to improve their delivery pipelines and establish processes and tools to maintain base code integrity with concurrent development and full transparency.


Where Planning Meets Development

In addition, Cprime will bring together GitLab and Atlassian In technologies to further accelerate the software delivery process. With Jira and Gitlab, clients can maintain their data where they want it, keep the tools their teams want, and get the full visibility into their software development pipelines.

Download Infographic: Benefits of GitLab integration with Jira

“Increasingly, organizations find digital transformations to be fraught with challenges,” said Anne Steiner, VP of Product and Technology at Cprime. “GitLab’s proven ability to optimize development processes, eliminate misaligned and siloed functions, and provide clear visibility and communications across the organization is critical for truly achieving the results companies expect from their digital transformation efforts.”

This milestone partnership between Cprime and GitLab will help joint customers increase agility, enhance innovation, and deliver better products to market faster.

Cprime-Gitlab Partnership

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