Cprime develops new Agile Product Training curriculum

Cprime will deliver modularized Agile Product Training to Product Owners, Product Managers, Executives and team members that suit unique team needs and provide hands-on learning with interactive exercises that utilize real projects. 

Cprime offers a vast array of both public and private Agile courses, and has recently focused on developing a new series of modularized, role-based courses to promote optimal function and understanding within Agile teams. Allowing clients to tailor learning objectives and craft their own curriculum ensures that training engagements provide the most possible value to clients.

Participants are required to have taken Agile for Teams course (or equivalent) to ensure adequate understanding of core concepts of Agile and Scrum. In order to accurately tailor course curriculum, teams must also participate in a foundation planning session that will equip them to select topics and course configuration based on their needs.

Once prerequisites are met, teams will then configure their training backlog. They will select modules that keenly focus on their unique problem areas and deficiencies. Cprime’s full training backlog consists of eight modules:  Product Vision, Customer Focus, User Stories, Product Backlog, Story Mapping, Lean Execution, Scaling Agile Planning and Projects and Simulation; each encompassing numerous sub-topics and learning areas.

Cprime’s Agile Product Training engagements will vary in length from one to two days based on how many and which modules are selected; this duration does not include the time necessary to conduct planning sessions and initial foundational training.