Google Analytics for Confluence Pages

How do you know how many people are looking at the amazing confluence page you have created or how do you know which tool is even suitable to do this job? Let me introduce you to a new tool that will help you with this, Google Analytics for Confluence Pages is a Confluence server plugin that allows you to leverage the power of the Google Analytics API to pull in all the Google Analytics features for tracking Confluence space, page and user usage metrics.With our Google Analytics for Confluence Pages plugin, you can view who has looked at space pages and see metrics like visits, unique visits for your Confluence space pages. In addition, you can go into Google Analytics to segment your data further.

Unique Features:

    Google Analytics Confluence

    “Who’s Viewed this Page”

    enables you to see Permission groups and individuals looking at pages.
    The Who’s Viewed this Page, enables you to see which Atlassian groups and users are looking at pages in confluence. This tells you the specific person and it shows you the metrics on how many times that person has viewed the page.

    TopTrended Macro

    The Top Trended Macro allows you to insert at any space or page and aggregates the top trended results for that specific space or page.

    Google Analytics Confluence 2

    Google Analytics Report Macros

    Leverage the top 10 canned Google Analytics reports inside as a macro inside of Confluence pages.

    Use Google Analytics directly for segmentation

    Hop into the Google Analytics UI to further segment your data and setup goals tracking and funnel visualization of your confluence spaces.

As you can see Google Analytics for Confluence Pages is the most helpful tool to help you track down the number of people who visit your page. Not only that, but it combines Google Analytics to give you the best analysis of your data. Come take a look at this amazing product and request your demo and free trial of Google Analytics for Confluence Pages