Increase Confluence Adoption with Personalization and Mobile!

In this presentation, we covered how to use Confluence and Linchpin to drive performance and engagement for your company. This blog post will serve as our follow up for links (to the recording, and with the links promised in the Q&A section at the end) and to articulate via text the concepts and opportunities we discussed.


Linchpin as an intranet solution on top of Confluence can improve performance and engagement because…

Linchpin personalizes the content based on your user profile information and tagging, which adds a significant dimension to Confluence. Finally, it is no longer “one screen fits all” and can be tailored to you the program manager in Seattle or you, the human resources specialist in Miami.

Linchpin is so much easier to access because of both the great UI and the mobile app. The Linchpin Mobile app is the only app that works for Confluence instances that run behind the firewall. It works on both Android and iOS platforms. A big concept is that not only does it extend secure mobile functionality to those who already have access to Confluence, but it also creates the opportunity for all of the other people at your company to use Confluence that may not have a work PC. Just think, how do those on the factory floor or out in the field who don’t regularly use a PC benefit from the knowledge and collaboration of Confluence? They would do that with the Linchpin Mobile App.

In general, the ease of use, the intranet features, and the mobile access should help you extend the benefits of Confluence and a Confluence based intranet to everyone in the company, beyond just IT or development


Throughout the presentation today, we made a few references to additional resources. They are as follows:

  1. Cprime Intranet → Cprime’s microsite for our Linchpin offerings are service.
  2. → Do you have a question for the presenter? Feel free to reach out, he would love to hear from you.
  3. Linchpin Demo Site → This is a link to get access to the publicly available demo environment. This is a great way to play around with Linchpin yourself, or to show your colleagues who missed the presentation.
  4. Intranet Features → Notating the standard intranet features that Linchpin provides


Bringing it home

Cprime is a key strategic partner of the creators of Linchpin. Cprime can help you get the benefits of personalized knowledge and collaboration from Linchpin. To get started, contact, we can help you get from where you are today, to where you want to be with efficiency and precision.

Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime