Safety and Security Solutions in Fleet Management Systems

Driving comes with risks, however, modern technologies have the potential to lower those risks if the business owners take the issue seriously. In this article, we discuss the necessity of fleet safety software and highlight the essential features you can create as a part of your fleet management solution to ensure the ultimate possible security.

Why Fleet Management Security Matters

The logistics and transport business comes with an increased level of responsibility, because you interact with sources of danger like other cars, and as an owner, you take responsibility for your drivers and their actions, and you need to be concerned about other drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians. This is a serious reason to think about your fleet safety program, plus there are some other reasons why fleet management safety matters. We outline them below.

  • Life and health protection for drivers and passengers. This is the most essential reason why fleet management is so important. When drivers follow all traffic rules they can drive technically safe vehicles and the risk of accidents and crashes are significantly reduced.
  • Enhancement of reputation and business ethics. The presence of fleet safety software in the apps you are using for your business is one more piece of evidence that you take the safety issue seriously. This greatly contributes to your reputation with customers and partners, plus it helps you create an impression of a company with high moral values and impeccable business ethics.
  • Providing better customer service. When a taxi company makes safety a priority, it is an improvement in customer service. The same applies to the logistics business when it comes to the safety of the transportation of goods.
  • Making your vehicles more reliable. Fleet safety solutions come with predictive maintenance sharing that provides the opportunity to carefully fix and store the data on your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. A fully serviced and technically safe car is another guarantee of safety for drivers, passengers, and cargo.

Which Security Issues Fleet Management Solutions Solve

There are four basic safety issues you can address with a fleet management system and its security features.

  • Driver and other people’s safety. Every day, 3,700 people die globally due to crashes that involve cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • According to the 2020 statistics shared by The Wandering, 16,438 car crashes happen in the US alone every day. Having a well-developed fleet safety policy will help prevent your drivers and others on the road from becoming one of these stats.
  • Data security. Fleet management systems generate a lot of real-time data on the current location of the drivers, the pickup points of valuable cargo, and other insights that may be used by competitors and criminals. There is a need to protect this data with the help of additional security tools embedded in your fleet management system.
  • Software maintenance. A fleet management system is part of most transportation and logistics business processes, however, it needs to work right to ensure seamless business operations and safety. Otherwise, there is a risk of an operational or technical issue (e.g., the unexpected failure of the braking system because the service software did not notify someone about the need to replace the brakes). The fleet management security system greatly contributes to the safety of people, cargo, and data, but there is a need to check and maintain it to make sure that it is in good working order.

To solve the above fleet safety issues, you need to develop a specific set of features in your fleet management system.

Fleet Management System Features Needed to Maintain Fleet Safety

There several features that must be included in your custom fleet management system if you are concerned about fleet safety. Below we listed such important features as monitoring of driver behavior, accident reporting, real-time location, etc.

  • Driver behavior tracking and monitoring. With this feature, you will be able to stay updated on what is happening onboard each of your vehicles. There are a lot of ways to program driver behavior monitoring software. For example, you may receive instant notifications when one of your drivers exceeds the speed limit, brakes too sharply, parks the car in the wrong place or makes unpredictable maneuvers. You can also use these insights to educate your drivers or even dismiss someone whose behavior is a safety threat.
  • Track the vehicle location. In the case of valuable or potentially dangerous cargo transportation, there is a need to know where the vehicle is at all times and what route it follows. With the help of embedded GPS tracking features, you will be able to find out the location of the car or truck anytime you want.
  • Driver location sharing for customers. Most customers want to know the most accurate delivery time so they can be home to receive their package. With the help of the GPS-powered functions and communication tools, you will be able to share the driver’s location with customers.
  • Accident detection and reporting. With this feature, you will be the first to find it out if something happens to a car or truck from your fleet. If you have a well-developed fleet management application with all the necessary safety features, the risk of crashing is reduced significantly.
  • Better task management.Fleet management software allows you to competently manage your orders, quickly process the newly placed ones, and assign pickup requests to the best driver to minimize costs and save time.
  • Check the route progress. The embedded GPS functionality allows you to check the progress of your drivers. This is a useful feature when it comes to route and performance optimization.
  • Real-time data sharing and collection. With this additional safety feature, you will be able to virtually stay in touch with each of the vehicles, control fuel expenses, manage the pickup and delivery of orders, and assist your drivers if something goes wrong.


Thinking through the features that ensure the safety of your drivers and fleet is an important step in your fleet management solution development. Our tech-savvy team has practical experience in the creation of logistics and transportation solutions. With the help of a system created specifically for your company, we will be able to solve safety issues as well as other challenges your business may face when it comes to its fleet.