Why Are We Talking About DevOps? Because Every Business Is a Digital Business

“Every business is now a digital business,” says Forrester Research in a Nov. 2016 report.

The ubiquity and convenience of mobile devices and the internet have made software the primary means by which organizations deliver differentiating experiences to their customers…Software is driving business innovation, and modern application development and delivery practices like Agile and DevOps drive that innovation.
-Agile and DevOps Adoption Drives Digital Business Success, Forrester Research, Nov. 10, 2016

That’s where WE live. Cprime helps your Dev and Ops teams break down their silos, and adopt the methodologies, tools and practices that encompass DevOps. This is where Developers and IT Operations converge to create and release better code, faster.

This summer, Cprime will show you in a series of blog posts how DevOps helps any software organization – from teams inside large, well-established firms to startups – produce better code, collaborate and communicate, and use automation to create, test, and publish software, faster.

Cprime Vice President Brandon Cipes, who leads our DevOps practice, said: “DevOps is critical for any company that’s developing code. You have to incorporate automation and monitoring to your practice to increase velocity, quality, and stay competitive.

“DevOps will help you smooth out your delivery schedule, eliminate surprises, and vastly improve the quality of the software that you release.”

The Question we get asked all the time is: So is it about Process? People? or Technology?

“All of them! DevOps is a methodology and a mindset that must be paired with the right tools, and you’d better believe that’s going to involve changing your processes as well,” said Cipes.

This new organization is flat and fleet: It is organized around empowered, cross-functional delivery teams; supported by new teaming, sourcing, and partnering models; and features new ways of engaging and integrating with the business. Tools enable teams to automate, manage, and deploy software continuously.
-Forrester Research

Woven through the DevOps process is automation, which is at the heart of a well oiled operation:

Automated tools have matured to the point where organizations can automate large portions of their application delivery processes to improve speed and quality while reducing cost and rework. This has smashed the old speed-quality tradeoff.
-Forrester Research

Why DevOps? Because it’s critical to businesses that create or deploy software. Because all business is digital business now.

Leading organizations have shown that applying Agile and DevOps practices enables faster delivery, higher quality, and lower risk. -Forrester Research

Our mantra at Cprime is that DevOps makes your teams work faster, better, and stronger:

  • Faster – Move quickly by drastically reducing the time it takes to design, develop, and deploy functioning software.
  • Better – Save time and money by producing solutions that are more stable, easier to diagnose, and simpler to track.
  • Stronger – Implement a culture that brings teams together to break down silos and create cross-functional teams focused on delivering great software services.

Cprime can launch you and your organization into the DevOps world. To get started, our courses include DevOps Foundation Certification, DevOps Implementation Bootcamp, and Agile Service Management:

  • DevOps Foundation Certification is an introduction to DevOps that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT Ops. The DevOps Institute awards a DevOps Foundation Certification upon completion of an exam.
  • DevOps Implementation Bootcamp is designed for anyone involved in the IT value chain. From daily operations to executive leadership, this course teaches what you need to implement DevOps.
  • Agile Service Management is a foundation for building a DevOps culture at your organization. Candidates who successfully complete an exam receive the Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM®) designation.

Are you ready to help your teams move faster, better and stronger with DEVOPS?

Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime